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‘Free by tapping’ has made it simple and fast to uncover and lasting and positively to change aspects, that cause physical problems ex diease (chronic as well) or mental problems  – completely on your own. It is so simple to use, that you can begin, when you are just 10 years old.

The ‘full edition’ of ‘Free by tapping’ handles all aspects. It enables you both to uncover and to create a lasting positive change to one aspect of a problem - typically in 5-6 minutes. That makes it foreseeable – also if many aspects need to be changed.
’Free by tapping’ enables you both to uncover exactly, which aspects are causing a certain problem – and to create lasting positive change to those aspects.

'Free by tapping' solves both physical and psychological problems – and enables you to coach yourself ex in relation to sport, management, cooperation, entrepreneurship, career, partnership, family – all life issues. It has ended up being so simple to use that you can begin, when you are ten years old.

After being used for more than 16 years, 'Free by tapping' has still not met with anything, it has not been able to help solving.- and has showed no adverse effects.

If you have got a smartphone, you will always have it at hand – and it will help you to create lasting positive changes the moment, you become aware of something, you want to change – or feel the need – for the rest of your life.
Read more at this page - 'About' (and 'Courses') - or go to: - 'Our story'.

All App versions have the same basic content (including 'Full edition - PDF'). That means, that you can handle/solve all aspects, no matter which version you have chosen.
Each hold outlines of almost 300 different feelings/emotions, more than 1500 different life-limiting convictions/beliefs, 150 different part-personalities, 40 different representations of others and more than 300 different life-aspects. It also holds an instruction of use, which continuously have been improved over more than 14 years - and a paragraph of documentation.
At this stage, you will have the possibility of communicating about use of ‘Free by tapping’ with other users and Niels Gyldenkærne, developer og 'Free by tapping', in the secret ‘Free by tapping’ group at Facebook (here secret just means, that others cannot see, that you are a member).
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Password: free
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