The Core tool - Download

Now you can on your own!

You can begin right now – to begin following yourself – by using the ‘core tool’ of ‘Free by tapping’. It is simple, reliable and fast to use.

You can begin using it for decisions about anything ex: What you are to eat and drink (and what you are to buy), are you to do something - or rest, are you to exercise more or less, are you to contact a certain person – or not, are you to say this now – wait – or never say it etc.

Already from now on, life can be more simple.

The ‘core tool’ does not help you handling the emotions, that go along with following yourself. For that you will need the ‘full edition’ – or – you can first try a ‘field’ of ‘Free by tapping’.

‘Free by tapping’ is already developed very and has after now more than 14 years not met with anything – physical or mental/emotional –  it could not help solving.

‘Free by tapping’ now features more than 1500 different life limiting convictions or paradigms and almost 300 different feelings/emotions (still growing), I have found in myself and in my clients (I just began to collect) – but there are still more to be found – and we can help each other.

After, ‘Free by tapping’ has been used for more than 14 years, there has been experienced no adverse effects.

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