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Now you can on your own!

Historically it seems, we have moved from having focus on survival for the tribe – to focus on survival for the family – to now for many just to have focus on survival for oneself. As a concrete expression for this, many people now live as “singles”.
\r\nSome bemoan the development – and at the same time it seems, people have some very good reasons for doing, what they do.

It seems people only do something, if they have a gain by doing it. Here the gain can be to get away from or minimize the pain, which can be part of taking part in a community – or a family.

The positive angel in relation to a community or a family can be, that the clashes with others all the time cause further development.
The negative angel can be, that the clashes all the time can cause feeling even more lonely, devastated, wrong, powerless, despairing, despondent etc.

For most single life does not mean, that they are not part of relations with other people – just perhaps in less permanent relations.

Many, who right now live as singles, wish to be part of a permanent community (ex  couple/partnership – or family).

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