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Now you can on your own!

We all seem to be dependent of feeling secure to some extent. When we feel secure, we experience peace in the body. Unrest first arise the moment, we feel insecure. 

When we are frightened, the first that happens is a contraction of the muscles in the stomach. By that the lungs are filled with air, which is a precondition for delivery of oxygen to the muscles – for an eventual flight – and in that same moment, the muscles in most of the body get into a condition of tension.
If we often or most of the time feel insecure, we can be in this condition of tension all the time – which feels very unpleasant and hurts.

We can have grown up in families, where something often happened, that made us insecure. We can have parents, who grew up with insecurity themselves – and who in many ways have repeated, what they experienced during their upbringing.

In order to handle the insecurity, we can either dampen it – by using some kind of drug – or act in certain ways – or change the aspects, that causes the feelings of insecurity.

‘Free by tapping’ has made it simple and fast both to uncover and to create lasting positive change to aspects, that make you feel insecure – completely on your own.