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Now you can on your own!

Who am I? What am I? Who is exactly me? What is exactly me?

You can say, you are, what you are – and what you have learned to be. What, I have learned to be – or what life has taught me to be, are gathered in those convictions or beliefs, I have formed about, what and how life is for me. Some convictions I have taken over from people, I have attached special importance to.

Many of us have not been seen, heard and understood as those we truly were or are, where we grew up. It has perhaps more been about adapting or adjusting to the adults, we grew up with, felt – or we felt – suited them.

It takes strength to stand forward and in the world - and it is something we look up to in people, who are capable of it. It seems it is because we hold an inner incitement or impulse to be capable of the same.

At the same time, one does not live in accordance with what one truly am, there seem to be an inner incitement or impulse to unfold what one truly am. The stronger the demands have been about adapting or adjusting – the harder – or the bigger is the work to set oneself free to be, what one truly am.

The more people, we are on this planet – the more fantastic it can be to think of that we are all different. All hold their unique story. Therefore, I cannot be like others – and do not need to try. Still many of us try.

‘Free by tapping has made it simple and fast to both precisely uncover – and to create positive lasting changes to aspects, that obstruct you from being the one, you truly are – completely on your own.