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Now you can on your own!

So what, the picture shows, now belongs to the past.

We have to know, where we are headed to – and sometimes, we are in doubt. It seems we are in doubt, when we do not follow ourselves - or what is truly ourselves. It seems, we hold an ‘I’ or a ‘core', which is not in doubt and which we fully can trust. ‘Free by tapping’ makes it very simple to be in contact with the ‘I’ or the ‘core’.
You will also discover, that your 'inner computer’ is a ‘super computer’, which has no calculation time – the answers from the ’I’ or the 'core' are there instantly. That at the same time also means, that there is always time to have the answers.

In our personality there are not only the ‘I’ – but also a number of ‘part personalities’, who first focus on survival. Besides them we have ‘representations’ of people, who have been in our life. Both ‘part personalities’ and ‘representations’ interfere as thoughts or as inner dialog – and conflicting thoughts cause doubt.

The full output of ‘Free by tapping’ you have with the ‘full edition’. With that you can totally uncover, what is going on in your personality - and concurrently create the changes, you want.

Many times I have put the question: “What do you dream about doing or learning?” I have not yet met with a person, who could not answer that. That, which seems to be the challenge, is to live out the dream or the dreams.

Free by tapping has made it fast and simple to both uncover and to create lasting positive changes to aspects, that obstruct you from living out your dream/dreams – completely on your own.

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