'Free by tapping - Full edition' - PDF - Download

Now you can on your own!

The ‘full edition’ of ‘Free by tapping’ handles all aspects. It enables you both to uncover and create a lasting positive change to one aspect of a problem - typically in 5-6 minutes - completely on your own. That makes it foreseeable – also if many aspects need to be changed.

’Free by tapping’ enables you both to uncover exactly, which aspects are causing a certain problem – and to create lasting positive change to those aspects.

Free by tapping' solves both psychological and physical problems – and enables you to coach yourself ex in relation to sport, management, cooperation, entrepreneurship, career, partnership, family – all life issues. It has ended up being so simple to use that you can begin, when you are ten years old.

After being used for more than 14 years, 'Free by tapping' has still not met with anything, it could not help solving.

If you have got a smartphone, you will always have it at hand – and it will help you to create lasting positive changes the moment, you become aware of something, you want to change – or feel the need – for the rest of your life.

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