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Food and drink – and our relation to food and drink – seems to be something very fundamental for us. Food and drink is of critical importance to our survival from the moment, we are born. Already here the first imprinting begins. If one’s mother characterised by handling emotional hunger by eating, she will be inclined to handle the hunger of the baby the same way.

Emotional hunger is satisfied the best way by care taking and intimacy. To have one’s emotional hunger satisfied demands that one knows it is possible – and how.

It seems all bodies have their individual “point of balance’ or “points of balance”. Therefore, you cannot compare yourself to others.

It seems there is a strong connection between our (conscious and unconscious) experience of being able to create our own lives  (intervene/change) and how the body reacts ex by hoarding or putting into storage – and encourage us to do so – if it is one’s experience that others create one’s life.

It seems, our thoughts about ourselves (including how we look upon ourselves in comparison with others), affects the information in our cells – and by that the way they act and react. It also seems, it is possible to change the information positively by changing our thoughts. Our thoughts are condition by or released by convictions or beliefs about ourselves.

‘Free by tapping’ has made it simple and fast to both uncover and positively and lasting and to change life limiting convictions/beliefs, that do not fit with, who and what you truly are – completely on your own.

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