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Now you can on your own!

It is possible to communicate directly with a disease, when it is established in the body. Cancer ex stated: “The problem is that you have disclaimed your responsibility – it is as simple as that!”

It seems we all hold cancer. The task, that cancer has, seems to be to end life, when we are no longer ready to – or have given up taking responsibility for the life.

The problem for most people are that our attitudes and thoughts to a very high degree are unconscious. That means that we consciously can want something – and at the same time unconsciously work against ourselves. ‘Free by tapping’ both makes it simple to uncover and make positive change to that, which is unconscious.

It seems a physical problem ex disease is 80-90 % (often more) conditioned by our thoughts and emotions. If you are going to or need to receive help to change thoughts or emotional aspects, it can be very costly.
‘Free by tapping’ solves that problem, because it simply, precisely, and quickly both makes it possible to uncover – and to create positive and lasting change to unhealthy aspects (typically in
5 - 6 minutes pr. aspect) – completely on your own.
That is a great advantage, if you have become ill, because there then can be quite much to change.