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Now you can on your own!

Stress seems to be the result of something, you do too much – or more than you can stand (not fitting in with, what or who you truly are).
Many experience to feel stress. In the beginning, it might just be as headache a bit too often. Later it can be ex involuntary movement of one or both eyebrows – ending up with a constant sting in the stomach – or stomach ulcer.
The end result of having too much tress hormone in the blood for a longer period can also be blood clots – at worst in heart or brain.
You can also experience stress by not being able to remember as well as before – that you cannot cope with as much as before – or you just feel very tired.
No matter what you will have had different bodily or physical signals, before you get to the real state of stress.

Why we act in ways, that hurt ourselves, seems to a very high degree to be unconsciously controlled. If you are going to receive help to change mind or emotionally aspects, it can be very costly.
‘Free by tapping’ solves that problem, because it simple, precise and fast both makes it possible to uncover and to change destructive aspects positively and lastingcompletely on your own.