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Now you can on your own!

When problems occur in a cooperation, it is often about insecurity of own prowess – or about insecurity of the prowess of the other or the others.

It is different, how much we have experienced, there were enquired after one another in the families, we have grown up in. For some it is very easy – and for others it is very difficult.
\r\nWhen we do not enquire after, how it is for him or her, we guess instead – and everybody know, you can guess both right and wrong.

I do not say it is easy – and at the same time it is simple!

If I say aloud, that I feel insecure now, the others can ask: “What do you think, it is, that does, that you feel insecure now?” Or: “Right now I become insecure about, I you are capable of, what we are doing right now!” Then the other can answer: “I do not feel insecure about, if I am capable!” – or: “I do feel insecure about, if I am capable!”. In the last case, it can open up to finding out, what has to be done in order to feel secure.

Many of us have learned, it is important to be capable of anything – and at best immediately. At the same time, we attend courses exactly for learning. Many of us have learned, we are not to make mistakes – and at the same time we know, we learn by making mistakes.
Most often it is what we have once learned, that bring about, we face difficulties in cooperating.

‘Free by tapping has made it simple and fast to both uncover and to create positive lasting changes to aspects, that obstruct you from cooperating optimally – completely on your own.