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Now you can on your own!

It seems freedom is connected with being able to follow oneself – and it seems we set the body free by following ourselves. It seems a physical problem ex disease is 80 – 90 % mentally or emotionally conditioned (often more). If you are going to receive help to change mind or emotionally aspects, it can be very costly. ‘Free by  tapping’ solves that problem, because it simple, precise and fast both makes it possible to uncover and to change aspects positively and lastingcompletely on your own.

That is a great advantage, if you have got to the point, where you have fallen ill, because it then can require, that a number of aspects are changed. Sometimes we want something – conscious or unconscious – without fully knowing the consequences of wanting it. In this connection it could be: “I wish, I was ill!” You may have experienced difficulties in holding on to yourself – and what you have needed or required – in the situations, you’ve been in. It seems to be important to remember one self. If you forget yourself – or disregard yourself – too much, you can end up having nothing to give. That does nobody good – neither you nor others. When we do not succeed in holding on to ourselves, it can be because, we try to live up to expectations of others – or expectations, we believe, they have.

’Free by tapping’ enables you simple and fast both to uncover exactly, which aspects are causing a certain condition – and to create lasting positive change to those aspects - completely on your own.

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