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Now you can on your own!

It seems, a physical problem ex pain or tensions are 80-90 % mind/emotionally caused.

If you are to receive help to change mind/emotional aspect, it can be very costly. ‘Free by tapping’ solves that problem, because it simple, precise and fast both makes it possible to uncover and change aspects positively and lasting – completely on your own.

You can compare the body to a little child. A little child is screaming, when there is something, it is in need of – and it seems the body does that as well – at first with tensions and pain (later with more or less severe illness). Most people have not yet learned how to communicate directly with the body - and can therefore only try to guess, what the body tries to call attention to – and can maybe use really long time to try guessing – in many cases without getting to a result.

Others do, what they can, to ignore, that the body tries to call attention to something. Part of trying to ignore can be to use more and more pain relievers.

At the same time, the mind/emotional mean so much, it is important also to remember the physical – how you use your body – and what you eat and drink.

‘Free by tapping' has made it simple and fast to both uncover and to create positive lasting changes to aspects, that causes pain/tensions – completely on your own.