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Now you can on your own!

I recommend, you only use ‘Free by tapping’, if you have an adult in your life (do not need to be mother or father) you can talk to, about what you find by use of ‘Free by tapping’.

One of the challenges, we seem to have as children, is, that we seem to know, what we feel like – but often lack some experience in relation to knowing, what we are in need of.

As a child you are about to learn, what it is to be human. That is your adult/adults also. It can be important to remember, that you cannot learn something from your adult/adults, which she/he/they has/have not learned yet.
If there is something, you cannot learn from your adult/adults, you just have to learn it from some other/others.

Being a child can be a big task. How big the task is, seems to depend on, how good your adult/adults is/are at taking responsibility for her/him/themselves – and by that for you as well. Taking responsibility for one self implies to know – or taking care of getting to know – what you are in need of – and to take care of having, what you are in need of. It is not all adults, who have come equally far in relation to taking responsibility for themselves.

The most important task, you have, seems to be becoming you.

‘Free by tapping' has made it simple and fast to both uncover and to create positive lasting changes to aspects, that obstruct you from becoming you – completely on your own.