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Now you can on your own!

At best a couple/partnership consists of two free human beings. It seems we are together with a partner, to have the possibility of going on working with aspects, we did not finish solving or finding answers to, where we grew up.
A partnership is a close relation similar to the close relations, we were in (or wanted) there, where we grew up.

Relations cannot disappear – only be changed.

If we are in relations, we do not find satisfactory, it is about to find ways to change as fast as possible.
What, we hold about close relations, are to most of us only, what our parents were able to show us. Therefore, we cannot have an expectation of, that what, they did not succeed in, we will succeed in by doing the same, as they did.
When/if we lack something, it can just be added, as we experience the need.

It seems, the only person, we can change, is our self. At the same time, it seems, that is enough to have focus on. When I change myself, my interplay with others change – and their interplay with me.

When you originate from a strong community, you are capable of standing in a strong way out in the world – a community, where you experience acknowledgement for being the one, you are – a community, which is supporting contrary to destructive or demeaning.

‘Free by tapping has made it simple and fast to both uncover and to create positive lasting changes to aspects, that obstruct you from standing in a strong way – completely on your own.