Who am I?

I am 68 years old. I am educated as a psychotherapist and served in my own clinic for more than 20 years.

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What is it?

A tool, which simple and fast can help you solve both mental and physical problems lasting ex disease - or problems about performing - completely on your own..  

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How does it work?

It seems to create a positive change to our images of experiences - which positively affects our thoughts - and by that our emotions.

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Why can I on my own?

It seems we hold all information about ourselves within – and we only need a tool to make this information useful.


How long does it take to change one aspect lasting?

Typically 5-6 minutes – foreseeable to most people.


Is "Free By Tapping" something all people can learn and perform?

I still have not met with a person, who could not – after more than 14 years.


Why is 'Free by tapping' unique?

In a very simple and until now unknown way it allows you to learn, how the interaction of the human mind works in every detail.


Why is 'Free by tapping' unique?

Because it seems to be able to mean a quantom leap for the individual - and by that for all.


Why is 'Free by tapping' unique?

Because it makes it possible to find causes – and to create solutions – on a completely individual level.


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