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Sexuality seems to be something natural. Therefore, we can wonder, why it can be so difficult to unfold the sexuality

It seems to be connected to, that the sexuality not just unfold itself naturally – but in most cases is part of a social context.

Just as soon as something is part of a social context, it is affected by the people, who are also part of that social context.

The most important ideas, we have – also when it comes to sexuality – are those, we carry with us from the social context, we grew up in. Some ideas we have formed in the light of, what we have experienced. Others we have taken over from people, who were important to us.

Some ideas fit with the one, we truly are – others certainly not.

Historically it has been important to control the sexuality. It has been that, because a consequence or a result of sex can be children, whom are to be provided for. At the same time, there has been a widespread wish or request for being in control of, who became part of one’s family. The family was previous (still in many countries) the most important social unit.

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