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Anxiety is like fear. You just do not know exactly, what it is that you fear. You just experience the same emotion, as when you are really scared. The emotional discomfort, which is connected to anxiety, normally also involve bodily discomfort ex tensions in the stomach, heartbeat, nausea or you sweat or shake.

When you do not know, what you are afraid of – or not at all can say, what it is, it is because, it is connected to one or more experiences, which is/are now stored in the unconscious part of the mind. That a situation just a little bit reminds of something previous experienced is enough to release discomfort.

Anxiety can also be a way, in which we are told, that we right now live in some ways(think and act), which are/is not in accordance with what or who, we truly are.
Most people have let themselves influence by the approaches to life, that were represented in the family, they grew up in – and we can to a higher degree live in accordance with that influence, than in accordance with ourselves – or our ‘I’.
In that way you can understand or consider anxiety as a good friend.

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