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Aging seems to be a natural part of being human. That does not mean, that the perceptions, which are connected to aging, are natural.

Something, which seems to be natural, is, that the body gradually can less – and needs longer time for restitution. The same does not seem to be the case, when it comes to our intellectual capacity.

A typical comment from a person, who is middle-aged or older (can be younger) can be: “I can register, that my body has changed – but within, I think, I experience myself the same way, as when I was twenty!”

I have still not met with a person, who wanted to exchange experiences with being younger. Contemporary with, it looks as if, the world is changing fast, it seems as if the people change very slowly.
That means ex, that they need to experience the same (make the same mistakes) again and again.

With your own acquired experiences, it can be difficult to look at, that others (can be younger people) have to reap theirs. The best approach seems to be (at all points of time in life) not to comment, what others do, before they ask for a comment.

‘Free by tapping’ has made it simple and fast both to uncover and to create positive lasting change to aspects, that makes you feel uncomfortable about aging - completely on your own.