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It seems obsessive thoughts and actions are often connected to anxiety. It can be different degrees of anxiety - of, what will happen, if you do not ex execute certain actions.
Anxiety can be very unpleasant to experience. It can be experienced so unpleasant, that you think, you are going to die. At the same time, it seems, anxiety is just a way, we can have called attention to, that ways, in which we live, do not fit with, who we are.

OCD is an abbreviation of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. When it is obsessive, it is because, it is thoughts, you keep on thinking – or actions, you experience, you have to execute.
Obsessive thoughts and actions are a way, you can handle the challenges, life holds. The challenges of life are the reactions, we feel in the body, in connection with different situations, we are in. That can be ex unrest, rapid heartbeat, that you shake, that you sweat, that your throat constricts, that you throw up, tensions, pain. These reactions are to be handled somehow – and are often at first handled by finding ways not to feel them so much – or to dampen them.

Most people, who live with obsessive thoughts and actions, do not think, that way is an optimal way of handling the challenges of life. At the same time, they are in a situation, where it exactly is compulsion – something, they cannot deny or avoid.

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