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Now you can on your own!

It seems freedom is connected with being able to follow one self.That also seems to be the case, when it comes to being free to unfold your full potential in relation to performing your sport.

Sport is often connected with competition to some degree. Where there is an aspect of competition, there often also is a wish for being better than others – or being the best. We can have a talent for something – but the talent also is to be unfolded. In most case it demands a determined effort to unfold a talent totally. It involves ex to focus on subsidiary goals and end goals all the time.

It also involves handling the moments – or periods, where you lose the motivation or the faith. Often this aspect is just as important as the size of your talent. No matter which talent, it is about, it seems to be crucial, how we consciously and unconsciously think of ourselves. If you set up a scale with two ends, one of the ends can be a person full of positive expectations to him or herself – and the other a person that totally lack confidence in his or her own abilities and possibilities. All will be at some point of the scale during the process of unfolding a talent.

It also seems to be crucial, what we think, while performing something. In relation to sports, it is often movements, we want to get to performing in certain ways. It seems – also when it comes to our smallest movements – to be important, what we think in that split second, we are to perform a movement. If you ex at a moment have formed a conviction, which could be: “I am convinced that, I will/shall never succeed completely!”, it will again and again come into play or interfere – right until it is changed.

Here you have the 30 most central convictions in relation to sport. You will have them all in the 'full edition'.

‘Free by tapping’ has made it simple and fast to uncover and to change aspects lasting, that obstruct you from unfolding your full potential – completely on your own.

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