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Food and drink – and our relation to food and drink – seems to be something very fundamental for us. Food and drink have a crucial importance to our survival from the moment, we are born. Already here the first imprinting begins.

It seems, we allow this imprinting, because we adapt to, where we are – and in the beginning of life we are very dependent on, that somebody will take care of us. When I write adapt to, it means, that the imprinting not necessarily fit with, who we are.

It seems all bodies are different - because of their different stories. I also seems, the body has what you can call a point of balance, which is not at the same point all the time. In the present, the body is affected by the current life situation ex if it is hot or cold, if the body physically relaxed or strained, if the body is psychologically relaxed or strained.
The balance point of the body is hit, when the body has absorbed, what it has a need of in the present – and not is to use energy for storing something unnecessary – or energy for expelling something unnecessary.

The body seems to be able to tell absolutely precise, what it has a need of in the present. In some cases, it will be something, you have a desire for – and you just check, if you have understood the body correct. Something, you can have a desire for, can also be straining or harmful to the body. The body can answer to that too.

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