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PTSD is an abbreviation for ‘Post traumatic stress syndrome’. It can be circumscribed to ‘stress after a traumatic experience’ (or more). Post means after and syndrome is a number of symptoms which characterise or describe a condition.

A trauma is a very unpleasant experience. Traumas are stored in our consciousness and in the body. It seems it happens in preparation for being observant or in state of alert in the event of a similar experience.
Traumas can be experienced recently: assault, rape, natural disaster, accident, war.
It can also be old traumas: violence and psychological violence from parents, siblings or other close relatives, incest, different situations it has been impossible to handle earlier in life (can be as a child).

Traumas will often be suppressed to the unconscious part of our inner storeroom – which means that it is not something, we just can remember. Still an old experience can interfere in our life in connection with new experiences that just the least reminds us of a previous experience. Not by remembering (it can happen) – but by sensing that or those discomforts that were connected with the experience. It can be: to sweat, shake, having rapid heartbeat, getting headache, tensions, feeling pain, nausea etc.

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