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Before, you get to the state of depression, there will at different times have been experiences of, that you have felt sorry – and more and more strong feelings of resignation. You can say, depression is an expression of strong resignation.

Depression involves, that you more or less often feel in low spirits and have difficulties in pulling yourself together to do something. You feel resignation, may feel a nonentity and feel deserted. Some have a feeling of sinking down in a deep hole.

In a low spirit is the expression that previous was used for, what is now called depression. When you are in a low spirit, there is something, you are held low by. That, which you are held low by, have to be lifted of in order to turn back to your basic condition – which is calm and joy.

When you are depressed, there is something inside, that feel sorry. Most often it is found, that it is what you can call the real self – or the ‘I’, that feels sorry. It is the real self – or the ‘I’, that holds or have the life-dreams of, what you want to accomplish.
Experiences in life (often early) can have taught us, that what we want ourselves is not possible.

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